Alfa Interior Design Studio


My name is Merav Gellis Hemli.
I'm married to Jossy, and I'm a mother to Avia Matanya & Amit. I live in Israel.
I've been a graphic designer over the last 10 years including a special love I developed
to typographic design and textures. The form of letters, in any languge and especially in
the Hebrew language, special patterns, and design of original wallpapers move
me and fill up my heart.

I have lived 5 years in Switzerland, next to the Zurich lake, and there, while studying
design studies in the Arts Academy I started to breath and absorb into my daily routine
order, punctuality, minimalism, and Swiss air that were soaked inside my warm, colorful
and Israeli soul.
I had the privilege of taking part in the creation of the Bilingual Magazin "AIR" of Zurich's
airport and to lead its design as its Art Director, and to launch it out in the open air.
Lateron, prior to my return to Israel, I took part in creating "Ivria", the first of a kind spa
in the world, which combines in it a "mikveh-tahara", where I naturally started to integrate
between graphic design and interior design.

I created my studio Alfa (אלפ) in the hopes of fulfilling a dream and create an imprint,
a say, and a personal impact. To reach out to people, to connect and to give a little hope
and joy through interior design in which I combine their personal, familial, and business
worlds of content, which in turn transforms the design I create to something very
substantial in their lives.
Studio Alfa offers graphic interior design with a typographic concept and a refreshing
content. Innovative. Minimalistic. Vibrant. Optimistic. Israeli. Botique.
White ceilings and walls for me are like white pages of a magazine, waiting to be printed
on with words and color! I'm able to observe in the "grid" resolution, and the way I
perceive space is very thorough down to the smallest detail. Did I mention

In the studio I create and design wallpapers for walls and ceilings, moldings, glass tables,
Perspex and wood, laser carving in iron and aluminum, letters woodcut, vinyl stickers,
graphic prints on material for curtains, bed covers, table cloths and pillows, unique light
fixtures, and all done while exclusively matching the product to the existing design of the
house or office.
Services of purchasing furniture and home styling are obviously an inseparable and fun
part of the work process in the studio.

I'm always in search of the connection between beauty and aesthetics to content and
meaning, in order to create an exciting and fulfilling design. I love Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,
combinations and layers of nostalgic and innovative, past integrated with future, eclectic
colorfulness and pure white, sunshine and shades of shadows in nature. I believe that all
the beauty in this world stems from the world of creation, from the people, from the
flowers around us… this is what gives me the inspiration to raise my kids and to design.

Please feel free to contact me:
+972 (0)50 958 64 66